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  • Covert seduction tactics that cause her to crave you. She’ll have no idea what you’re doing… but when she reads your messages, her phone won’t be the only thing vibrating. She’s gonna have to squeeze her legs together to control herself.

  • How to get a girl you’ve just met to start sending you dirty pictures of herself… even if she has a boyfriend… and even if she's "not that type of girl"… and even if you just met her.

  • The secret to getting her to push for the meet up (and even suggest sex) before she shows up so you never have to make a move or be the “aggressor” again. Just make sure you’ve got enough condoms to last all night long.

  • A little trick for making a girl you’ve known for a long time... but have never had any sexual chemistry with... start to fantasize about you.... and crave your cock in her mouth.

  • The 5 types of texts you are sending women right now…. and why they’re literally murdering your sex life. And how with using the 43 Texts I’m going to share with you, you can go from spending the night watching YouPorn to watching your girl go down on you.

  • A 4-Step Sequence For Making Any Girl From Your Contact List Want To Skip the Date and Take you home to bed. Forget the drinks and dancing, this is what she really wants and you’re willing to give it. Caution: Do not use this sequence unless you are willing to have over the top great sex.

  • The 9-word opening text message that you MUST send a girl within 30 minutes of meeting her. Simply copy, paste, and fuck. Don’t over-complicate this. Just go for it.

  • Text Right For Her Type: The key to matching the perfect set of texts to the type of girl you want to bang (You’re going to be sending a different set of messages to the librarian-type than you will the stripper…but won’t you be surprised when the librarian swallows your pole all the way down.)


Did You Know, More Women Read
“Dirty Novels” Than Men Watch Porn?
It’s True.

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  • A simple sequence that will have her change her
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  • Sneaky messages that trigger her “love hormone” – Oxytocin – and will get her fantasizing about a long future with you…her mind will be hearing wedding bells and imagining white dresses…while you will be planting your flag deep between her legs. It’s really quite easy to do; you just have to know which buttons to press. LITERALLY

  • Instant Trust Building Texts That Will Have Her Feeling Like She’s Known You Her Whole Life…even IF She’s Known You For Just A Few Minutes. The fastest way to her heart is through her phone. And the distance from her heart to her magic hot spot is even shorter.

  • A secret technique for bypassing her resistance and getting even straight girls to shed their inhibitions faster than a stripper wiggles out of her “g-string.” They’ll be living their inner fantasy while they scratch your itch. Watch her inner bad girl come out to play.

  • Why age does not matter when it comes to using this system and how the older you are, the more effective this is. You want young pussy? Just press send.

  • Crave a threesome? The mass text technique can produce some real surprises here. You better have enough energy for more than one pop if you use this technique or your bitches will be scratching each other’s eyes out.

  • The five-letter word that gets her to drop her guard… and her panties. This is the “secret sauce” that lets her feel very good to be a very bad girl. (And if the truth can be told, it’s the secret to get her to crave anal.)

  • The exact time of day when she’s most receptive to sexual texting (No… it’s not at night!)… and how to insure each and every text makes her squirm and press her legs together.

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After developing the world’s most powerful “in field” seduction methods, Richard decided he needed to develop a method that guys for guys who didn’t want to go out and meet women in bars and clubs.

While studying the language patterns used in books like “50 Shades of Grey” he discovered the KEY to getting women turned on using nothing more then just the written word...and a cell phone.

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  • The five-letter word that gets her to drop her guard… and her panties. This is the “secret sauce” that lets her feel very good to be a very bad girl. (And if the truth can be told, it’s the secret to get her to crave anal.)

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  • Trigger Darkest Fantasies And Unleash Her Inner Nympho With Just A Few Taps Of Your Screen (The best part about these messages is they are completely under the radar…you won’t be seen as creepy or trying too hard…

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